No, Mac did not register. But we did receive some interesting responses. Tell us which gets your vote for Tennis' most despicable moment.
Sports Illustrated - May 9th, 1994 Cover story; Is Tennis Dying? Need we say more.
Monica Seles stabbing. Number one women player in the world is stabbed by a deranged German fan who confesses he had hoped to help #2 Graff assume the top spot. He succeeded and never spent a day in jail.
Upon Venus' first Wimbledon victory, Richard holds up a sign noting; IT'S VENUS' PARTY AND NO ONE WAS INVITED. "Whatever that is supposed to mean, I think I'm offended," noted this contributor. For more on this see
How about this one... Jeff Tarango's wife slapping chair umpire Bruno Rebeuh at Wimbledon in 1998?
In 1937, Donald Budge faced Baron Gottfried von Cramm of Germany in the deciding match of the Davis Cup final at Wimbledon. As the game was about to begin, von Cramm was called to the telephone. "You can't keep Queen Mary waiting," an official interrupted, noting the monarch's attendance. "I can't keep der Fuehrer waiting," von Cramm retorted. Adolf Hitler was on the line, ordering the baron to win the match for Germany.
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